Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Father....

Hopeless and Delicate, I
The reassuring croon
Solutions perched
The tutelar touch
Like soft petal 
Accomodating the tiny dew drop
A parasite me nourished
The host drained 
Smile intact, Rumples hidden 

Ominous nebula cuts the blue sky 
The heavy deluge
Outside, I stand
I yearn, I pine
The umbrella
He will hold
Incessant wait
The river of tears
The pang of Gross truth 
I shlep myself towards the open door
Looking in

Dad, I miss u.........

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Solitude....

The impish grin!!!
A hellish union
Conspiracy on the roll 
Dreams crumble
Sanity on toll 

The stinky cage
Dungeons of desolation, He fears
Try not to flee
The shushed whisper, He hears

Loser, Loner
The words ring
The escapade
A wishful thing

The Armageddon
The trumpet blows
Life infused
A radiant glow

Cage walls crack
Shushed warns fade
The dawn's refulgent beam
Orange and red

The freedom
He devours
The triumph
He basks
Speaks to self
All thoughts merged
The blissful splashes of solitude
The soil of loneliness purged!!!

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Monday, 16 February 2015


All the nastiness inflicted upon me
I hanged on, And chose not to see
I could hear the giggle, Turning into a roar
Silence prevailed, Will I ever near the shore

The pent up anger, I wanted to open the gate
Endurance at its limit, I started cursing my fate
Tears trickled down, And wet got my cheek
Silence prevailed, Will the clock of joy ever tick

The golden rays finally emerge, cutting through the dark
The zephyr is here to stay, The thunder stops to bark
The tide has turned, The avenger inside will now manage the flow 
Silence prevailed, It's the lull before the blow 

A sudden tepidness, And I stop to think
Can I not ignore, and let those thoughts sink
Do they deserve so much of effort, or worthy of this glare
A whirlpool of calmness soaks me up, I move on without a stare

I internalised the notes of silence, A beat so mellifluous and dear
Silence prevails, "Silence is golden" - the byword rings in my ear!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


The pleasant sun, the cool shades, the fragrant air points to one
My tongue can only roll over the word LOVE...see what you have done

I sit on the bench, enjoying the meadows so green
All thoughts open like flood gates, The cuddly moments keep flashing in

The best moment? People dives in the memory heap, scooping something with their try
Ask anyone who has fallen in love, impromptu he goes, without even batting an eye

The wait, the fight, the smile, the effort to look the best
Engrossed in the ripples of love, Let everything be at rest

I wanna get drenched in the air of love, the aroma sweeps me over
I wanna break all the shackles, and wander like a rover

I wander, cry, fall, and laugh with no clue of what I ought to do
The vortex of love engulfs me, drawing me near to you

I never feel the need of a snap, when I move out of your sight
I close my eyes, with arms spread....And can always hug you tight

Sitting at the vantage point, I watch time moving on
Fingers interwined, your head on my lap...we witness, everytime, a new dawn

The astrologer forebode... we, with strikingly opp traits, cannot walk long
Thanks my love....its 10th Anniversary, and we have proved everyone wrong.

Walking is not about miles or days, its about the moments that we share 
Time will fly off for sure, But then no more do I care

The loveboard spins, And at TEN stops the flying dart
I may miss the date, but not the feel....
Happy Anniversary sweet heart!!!