Sunday, 23 November 2014


Give me peace, I am drained
Washed up.....the mind can no further be trained

I am just cruising, dont know what's in store
Expectations changed, I want no more

Why did I do, was there any need
I curse the day, when I planted the seed

The steps taken, did I weigh the risk
Or was it again an impulsive kick

I did my bit, but my patience is falling
I dread that day, when I listened to the calling

A single decision, and now everything is grim
At times I loathe myself, why did I dream

I hide it from all, but I am in fear
The whispers are getting loud, I can hear

I jerk off the thoughts, try to be in gear
Heavier getting the thoughts, pushing me to the rear

I dreamt, I stretched, and I chose to think tall
Life cannot punish the pursuer, in place everything will fall.

Let me rekindle the torch of faith, I won't let my confidence crack
I won't sign out so easily........I'll march on this track.


Friday, 21 November 2014

Toilet for BABLI

The emerging economy, the roars at the summit, we claim to be at the front
The nature's call, Women by the tracks, isn't those enough to haunt

We care for our women, their respect means a lot
Irony -  Women, Kids defecating in the open, we are indifferent to the thought

Our kids are blessed, they are safe, in the chilly winters, at the cosy comfort of our room
The poor souls battling the gushy'ld this discomfort be allowed to loom ?

The darkness spreads its wings,  Tensed - why aren't the women back ?
The unfortunate go out in the open, only to be crushed and then end up in a sac

The vultures are out in the dark, waiting to pounce
They are aware, but they are helpless and just cannot bounce

Pulling the window shut, Covering our face with the hankey, is this the way out ?
Can we not act cohesively, can we not shout ?

We shout, our heart fills with pain at the sight of an ailing cat
But, we are  incognizant of a sight so grave and fat

Malnutrition is less dangerous says a WHO's poll
Defecating in the open, if unchecked, will take a heavier toll

The poor sanitation practice will stunt the growth of our kids
The ugly weeds need to be pruned - that's the hours need.

The basic amenities of sanitation,  the need is too small
Just a pointed effort is required...let us roll the ball

Babli feels happy, the new angel will see the world in a healthy light
She sends her wishes, grateful to those for starting up the fight.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Quotes, Sayings - close to me

  • Its not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and still keep moving.

  • Adversity only brings out ones true potential.

  • Every problem you w'll face has already been faced by numerous dont panic, nothing unique has happened.

  • Do the thing which you fear the most.

  • Comparison is the thief of joy.

  • Never regret your decisions - they are just situational.

  • The game ends only when your self confidence gets a crack.

  • Never underestimate your instincts.

  • Its obvious to have fear, how you handle it makes the difference.

  • Do your bit, and let Destiny shape the end.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


He goes to the mosque, but he is my friend
I wonder, can this be a worrying trend ?

The clamour on Diversity, Secularism, the winds of change
The thoughts, in reality, hover over a narrow range

The divide still exists, might be in a subtle way
Hope things w'll fade, albeit thin is the ray

I celebrate Puja, and he does EID
The trivial issues, shldn't we get rid

Pained , I laugh at the thoughts so hollow
I w'll go by my conviction, and won't swallow

The way we have blended surprises a lot
Now, can this open the pandoras pot?

But then why should I bicker, why should I care ?
He listens so patiently, whatever I share

Things got grim, and blazing was the sun
He stood by me, when there was none

Why do they bother, instigate, prod in the name of God ?
When the friends are in agreement, and there's a nod

We are friends, that's how we want to be known
The veil of religion, shouldn't that be blown

We care for our smiles, and not others scowl
Our friendship w'll reign - Period; A deaf ear to their howl.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Confusion

If you do something of your choice, Its comfort zone
If you do something out of your choice, Slipshod is the tone

If you bow to all that you hear, No guts to raise the treble
If you don't to all that you hear, Spunk to be a rebel

If you speak, Busy with his conviction  the kingpin wants to steal
If you listen, Shaky is his confidence with poor mingling skills

If you plan, Too methodical cannot think on the feet
If you don't, Careless canon relying on gut wll surely fall over the pit

If you win, Cannot learn anything unless one fails
If you fail, Lacks the attitude to get hold of the sails

If you seek out, Too lazy to analyse always require someone to bail 
If you introspect, Too egoist to burrow than to come out of the shell

Stopppp !!!!!! Confused ???

Thus I pass on the baton to my heart, And w'll be all ears
Let's enjoy the journey of rise and fall, And not niggle over the shears

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Wait

The final wait begins, hope things turn good
Hell of a sunset or a Blissful sunrise, now I stop to brood 

The journey was dreaded... my efforts, abilities - the only levers that I could trust
Hanged on, I kept coming at it, not allowing my dreams to gather rust

Never perceived the journey to be such times I wanted to flee
The big picture, those dazzling  lights....I forced my neurons to see    
The ups and downs, the cold and heat were enough to loosen the reel
The tempering process just hardened the grains, stronger got my zeal

The letter of invite moistened my eyes, drops trickling down on the sheet
Disoriented with joy, my heart leapt mellifluous was that beat

Now, I will have to get off, allowing lady luck to make the final bend
I did all within my ambit ........let Divinity shape the end