Saturday, 25 April 2015


I would crawl back in my cocoon
Shielding myself from the rest
Worried more of other's thoughts
But, not put myself to test

Weakness, I keep to myself
Potraying an image that's not I
Start living in duality
Wary of the snoopy eye

The inhibitions, Can I shed
The false image, Can I tear
The reactions, Can I unhook
The naked truth, Can I bear

I can shield, I can cover
There's nowhere, I can run
An affirmative to the epochal questions 
Life is sorted, and done

The unflinching move to do the dare 
The penchant to break that shield
The sublime beauty of the emerging self 
An unmeasurable yield!

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Final week to B school....

7 more days
The friends will finally meet
All in a frame
Worked into a frenzy
An excitement, none can beat
The chance to add that fiery brand
Long cherished and dear
The odyssey is the enlivener
Game for the fun filled year

A heavy billowed heart, 
Calling family a bye
The cheerful greet, The sweet embrace 
Repairs the melancholy
Crafts the relationship pie

Hand in Hand, we will march
And in chorus we will sing
The pledge to back each is the totempole
Apprehensions get a ding

A deal to keep the flame alive
To walk the sinuous wire
Few bottlenecks might exist 
But we will wade through the mire

The end beckons, 
And we cruise on
The resplendent orange flame bombards the sky
Signalling a new dawn....

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