Friday, 26 June 2015

The Cry!

Papa, So much to share, 
        But numbered are the days 
Can you not try, 
           And, extend your stay

Watery eyes, 
The formation of tears
And, his unflinching crusade to
Hide those shears

     Papa, w'll enjoy these three days
Let the future sink
      I see his struggle to
       Internalize the link

Papa, I understand the crux
       But, cannot fathom the brute
Why God is so unkind
 Why doesn't HE root

 Papa, I long for the feel
   The intertwined fingers
     But, Empty is the bed
             The smell of yours lingers

       Papa, I stare at the ruckles      
    Wallowing at my plight
        My shrills get drowned
              Amidst the dreary night

Papa, can you not fix
     Help me win this fight
     Motionless, I stand
        Oh son, I love you
                 I hug him tight.........

( During my return, after my term break, from my home location, my son's insistent cry left me in a bitter state. The way one forces oneself to unshackle, momentarily, the love grips of near ones, to chase ones aspirations can be shattering - I know it's all about the greater benefit, but hands on heart, at times, it kills.....the intangible stakes are equally high for a mba. I dedicate this to my son, but may be likewise applicable for our mom, wife, husband; sorry, if the post got a bit grim....)

Friday, 5 June 2015


Demonic black to Fairy white, 
Quiescent melancholy gives way to Halcyon tranquility
The harmonic symmetry of Life