Monday, 23 November 2015

Good Morning Love!

Good Morning Sweetheart

The splendent ray
It's incessant wait ends
touches her petaly skin
A soft smile builds on her face
A greet exchanged
Envious, I spew at the morning light
Her ethereal innocence
sets me in a trance
my eyes mist up
a fairy journey begins
apprehension trampled
vermin of anxiety shot
fear tamed,
pushed into the abyss
Only the heart beats,
as a zestful tide
the air redolent
with fumes of love,
purges the hidden chambers
drifts the nettling thoughts
She comes close
the shiny droplets
dripping through her hair
fall on my bare skin
the flesh breathes life
the holy water of love permeates
a greet exchanged - Good Morning!
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Thursday, 8 October 2015


A tunnel
Long and windy
Darkness engraved
Pressing silence
A furtive nexus, or
An ominous swear

Caged in,
my kicks, Feeble
my shrieks, Futile
if can permeate
those dense walls

Tender tapping
The sweet croon
A mellifluous voice
Vectors of assurance
Threats lifted

A sudden flush
All illuminated, white

One holds,

The emollient touch
One kisses,
Welcome note shared
One calls,
"You are mine"

I recognize
that Voice and that One
The cool gentle wind murmurs - 

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Monday, 17 August 2015


The wistful heart
Gloom whipstiched
Weeps for your absence

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Friday, 26 June 2015

The Cry!

Papa, So much to share, 
        But numbered are the days 
Can you not try, 
           And, extend your stay

Watery eyes, 
The formation of tears
And, his unflinching crusade to
Hide those shears

     Papa, w'll enjoy these three days
Let the future sink
      I see his struggle to
       Internalize the link

Papa, I understand the crux
       But, cannot fathom the brute
Why God is so unkind
 Why doesn't HE root

 Papa, I long for the feel
   The intertwined fingers
     But, Empty is the bed
             The smell of yours lingers

       Papa, I stare at the ruckles      
    Wallowing at my plight
        My shrills get drowned
              Amidst the dreary night

Papa, can you not fix
     Help me win this fight
     Motionless, I stand
        Oh son, I love you
                 I hug him tight.........

( During my return, after my term break, from my home location, my son's insistent cry left me in a bitter state. The way one forces oneself to unshackle, momentarily, the love grips of near ones, to chase ones aspirations can be shattering - I know it's all about the greater benefit, but hands on heart, at times, it kills.....the intangible stakes are equally high for a mba. I dedicate this to my son, but may be likewise applicable for our mom, wife, husband; sorry, if the post got a bit grim....)

Friday, 5 June 2015


Demonic black to Fairy white, 
Quiescent melancholy gives way to Halcyon tranquility
The harmonic symmetry of Life

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Black clouds of ennui
Restlessness of a fly
Synonymous with thee
Neither excited, nor doomed
Words fail to innervate

Your name, the Outlier
Queasiness nailed
Corneal spangle
Lather of Happiness
Love it is!
The variable, 
Quadrants fail to accomodate
And it grows, exponentially....

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Missing you....

His eyes
glisten, glister
Hugs me tight
Waves of Reunion
 The toodle-oo moment 
His eyes change, stolid stare
Tears trickling, cheeks moistened
 Weightless drops, heavy on my soul 
Tidal Wave of separation engulfs me

( This is an Etheree.  Etheree is a ten-line poetry ascending in syllable count for ten unrhymed lines. It’s attributed to an American poet, Etheree Taylor Armstrong of Arkansas. An Etheree should focus on one idea or subject )

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