Monday, 23 November 2015

Good Morning Love!

Good Morning Sweetheart

The splendent ray
It's incessant wait ends
touches her petaly skin
A soft smile builds on her face
A greet exchanged
Envious, I spew at the morning light
Her ethereal innocence
sets me in a trance
my eyes mist up
a fairy journey begins
apprehension trampled
vermin of anxiety shot
fear tamed,
pushed into the abyss
Only the heart beats,
as a zestful tide
the air redolent
with fumes of love,
purges the hidden chambers
drifts the nettling thoughts
She comes close
the shiny droplets
dripping through her hair
fall on my bare skin
the flesh breathes life
the holy water of love permeates
a greet exchanged - Good Morning!
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