Sunday, 19 May 2013


I don't know why i am unable to stretch myself this time......the final lap seems to be the most arduous one; the zeal, the grit is missing somewhere.

is it some sort of complacency or laziness that has unconsciously crept in....whatever it is, can i really afford to these luxuries...time is ticking, only 2 months to go, mend your ways or be prepared to face/accept the things @your hand.

magic moments look good on the wrapper of a curvy bottle but , in real life, they dont happen unless coupled with persistent, sedulous and focussed efforts......ooooooh my god , at the fag end, at this crucial juncture do i need to teach myself with such elementary things.

take the stab, my friend, put the saddle and be that old self, who you love the most.

if you fail this time, can you face yourself..........not because of the failure but of the lackadaisical attitude: you cannot flee, the only question that will haunt you throughout..........WAS I TRUE TO MYSELF??????


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