Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Painted Lady....

Veins pierced, the blood is drained
Colourless I, the heart is grained
The painted lady- I, an anathema to all
Turned into a flesh pot, a risque ball

The ghostly night sneaks, stalking as an owl
The little lily deflowered, no one picks the howl
Stare at the bed, in a fluffy weightless state
The ruckles on the sheet, my only soul mate

Sit by the granite table, looking through the pane
Empty I, name-identity all lost down the lane
Sucked in the vicious circle, I yen for the dawn
The dim auroral glow, the fear of darkness gone

The hex will be broken, all will stop to leer
Women empowered, I hear the growing cheer!!!

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  1. The narrator in this poem--the colorless and emptyI--seems rather to be used by the woman/painted lady than happy. Since she is also a butterfly, I find this quite an enigmatic sonnet to celebrate women by! It reminds me of the Broadway play M.Butterfly in which the Western man is fooled completely by his own expectations of an Asian woman. Do you know that piece?

  2. Thanks Susan! Glad, you liked it.

    No, I don't know that piece, but would love to lay my hands upon.

  3. I love the textures in this - between tough and smooth..and of course the final cheer...we are both tough and gentle..but I think men can be that too so here's to next Wednesday's prompt!

  4. Thanks Jae for the nice words! Yeah, I'm looking forward to the next prompt.

  5. Well said and wonderfully wordled.

  6. Beautiful ... love the emotions expressed :-)

  7. This poem is a great one for International Women's Day :-) "Women empowered"---yes!! On a side note....your Goodreads bookshelf looks like mine....currently reading lots at once. I do that too.

    1. Thanks for the nice words, C.C!

      Ohh, is it? Glad to know, our bookshelf looks quite alike..Yup, I'm too much onto horror and thriller.

  8. This is beautiful with all its shades of womanhood. I love the ending cheer. Thank you.