Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Since childhood, I have been an avid reader of horror flicks; the creepy-crawly feelings, the spine tingling sensation, and the adrenaline rush -  a combo hard to resist. But then, even after knowing these are flicks with little bearing on any truth, why do we fear? What makes us so afraid of the dark? 

The dark is something like a tunnel, an abyss, whose depth you don’t know. You cannot see the inside, and this factor of UNKNOWN is the devil, the monster , which keeps haunting us. The very mention of a haunted house, conjures up a vision of an old, shattered house, with broken window panes, trees protruding from the walls, planning  to unfold and engulf things in entirety. The memories, childhood visIons ie the subconscious manifests itself, not letting us shy those dreary visions.  

But then, Though we fear, though we cuddle up in our bed, we can hardly miss our favourite horror books, flicks.....isn’t that true? This implies, though we are fearful, we don’t stop to watch/read something that gives us pleasure. if so, why cant/don’t we extrapolate this to our real life emotions/situations????

We are fearful, we are tensed, and we are bothered of the outcome…we let go off things; we choose the simplest method of compromise, , wriggling out through such situations....don't we?  We trim the wings of our dreams, procrastinating and cursing the Almighty for giving us the poisoned cup of destiny; we do this only because we are suffused with an aroma of fear, the fear of stretching ourselves, the fear of moving out of the comfort zone, the fear of the outcome - THE UNKNOWN. 

But if we really want to do something, if we are passionate about something, why cant that BIG PICTURE, which is subconscious, manifest itself, allowing us to nail those groans of apprehension and take the charge. Why cant we let go , or embrace those skittish, eerie feelings : I know you are there out in the dark, in the woods, but then I am not afraid as I am too engrossed in my Quest.

Can a correlation be ascertained or the analogy drawn is just farcical?

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