Monday, 28 July 2014

Letter to "U"

Life is not a bed of roses, neither did I expect
Life became a crown of thorns, and then I lost respect

U make a person cry, who doesn't ask
I don't know why U give him the toughest task?

I see around, incapable guys scaling height......I ask WHY?
U make a passing remark.....”Because sky is high”

My capabilities, I start to doubt
U say introspection is good, but don’t shout

I keep myself composed, and try to bounce
U laugh at me.....luck is not by your side, not an ounce

Unfettered, I try to cling onto anything, losing all my vanity
U say, I cannot go far for U are the anchor of my sanity

I cannot fight anymore, exhausted, I fall and break my shin
U laugh, U giggle....from the corner of my sweaty eyes, I can see your impish grin.