Thursday, 14 August 2014


The days are mournful.....
Everything seems so scornful

I accept, I didn't give you peace of mind
But I never apprehended life will become such a nasty kind

You believed in me, when I was none
Can you not bear with me.....there comes the rays of sun

I had neither a job nor any money
But that didn't stop you from loving me honey

I got you this discomfort... you feel depressed and shy
Have faith....these pensive moments will surely fly

I know, such words seem to you as farcical or fake
Don't lose your trust on me, for heavens sake

I am a free mind.....what world thinks, I don't care
But when you are down....because of me, I can hardly bear

I love you , yes, i love you that's what I can say
Trust me, I'll definitely put all these gloomy days at bay...

And I apologise............if I may

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