Thursday, 21 August 2014


Life is good,  life is bright
I'm loving it...a new vision at sight

Rejuvenated, the vigor is back
All pensive thoughts, they go on the rack

The elixir is the smile on my kids face
I w'll embrace the throwaways of life.......I'm no more in the race

I's confused with the priorities, realization came late,
Now, I'll strongly tether these thoughts, and close the gate

Is it your career that makes up your life?
No, its not....i have learnt to differ with the thought that is rife

I might be a bit bouncy, and have loosened few knobs
But, I'm blessed with loving parents, my encouraging sweetheart, and a lovely little why should I sob?

To crib is easy, to accept is tough
I'm learning to do that....let the waters get rough!!!!

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