Tuesday, 30 December 2014


The adage holds still...there's many a sip bxn the cup and the lip
When I thought I've touched the ribbon, there went off that beep

Thecoldcomfort, the consolation....there's always a second time
Was there a bit of truth in it, or was just a friendly dime

The last, the final option, and then all w'll be dry
If this slips by, I wll be clueless of where to start, and what else to try

Neither can I stand on a soil so soft, nor can I walk into the stinky cage
Can I keep my composure, or be trapped in the maze

The light is at the end of the tunnel, thats what I thought
Thoughts can also be delusory...why alone Looks always boil on the pot

I experienced the truth..Beatings of life is harsher than those of a cane
Wincing in pain, I still reprise, this bleak moment wll eventually wane

HE w'll either drop a new canvas, or wll spread the blotter
The breeze of hope is getting steady, and my heart stops to flutter

Winning this over, I want to scream till my vocal chords ache
I hope HE befriends me in this very last take....