Sunday, 23 November 2014


Give me peace, I am drained
Washed up.....the mind can no further be trained

I am just cruising, dont know what's in store
Expectations changed, I want no more

Why did I do, was there any need
I curse the day, when I planted the seed

The steps taken, did I weigh the risk
Or was it again an impulsive kick

I did my bit, but my patience is falling
I dread that day, when I listened to the calling

A single decision, and now everything is grim
At times I loathe myself, why did I dream

I hide it from all, but I am in fear
The whispers are getting loud, I can hear

I jerk off the thoughts, try to be in gear
Heavier getting the thoughts, pushing me to the rear

I dreamt, I stretched, and I chose to think tall
Life cannot punish the pursuer, in place everything will fall.

Let me rekindle the torch of faith, I won't let my confidence crack
I won't sign out so easily........I'll march on this track.