Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I am lagging, but I have a task in hand
Can i show this luxury, I am no harry with a magic wand 

This opportunity bestowed might be the last
Do I need to remind myself, that I need to act fast

The apprehensions of the unknown loom large
The fears of failure seem to barge

But why should I worry, I am thorough
The unwanted tensions, do I really need to borrow?

I fear.....The game is over, the whistle is blown,
Don't panic, the outcome will be have earnestly sown

But, the pill of lax is pernicious...…I cannot further swallow
Brevity is wit, "do not wallow"

Lot of stakes, but was the risk worth?
ha ha ha bro, it's a dead end.....Now, you cannot go  back and forth

Rather, take the charge, and prune the weeds
Still daydreaming……you will curse your deeds

When the mind vacillates….I plea,... survivor, show me the halo
Did u say Halo....oh gosh.... cant u even feel your efforts are so  shallow

Bug up my friend, its time to stand tall
the time has come....the graffiti of your dreams should be on that wall

I am exhausted, can hear the heavy puff
But didn’t you know…..the ride would be rough

it’s the final lap… goes the gun shot....there's no time to think
The only verb in your lexicon should be "ACT "….., or you will sink

Loved ones say., this time, you will get it right
Yes, I am visualizing – I love the sight

What I have learnt, amidst so much pain
Resilience is the key to dig out the gain

I have persevered, I have fought
I could put at bay…….those dreary thoughts

With an indomitable spirit, I thump my chest
I could hear the musings of my son....….” BABA” you are the best.

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