Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Worst Enemy

The worst enemy is fear
Shattering of your dreams....can u bear?

I don't know, but I fear
Try once, the film smeared on the core....can you not tear?

The outcome might not be good...I still fear
May be..but future is far....isn't the present near

I still fear, things might be in a mess
Yes, but then you can always redress

I still fear,  what if i fail
Might be, but then you w'll learn, how to sail

I still fear, the magnitude of failure
Mmmmm thats valid...but can you not hear the voice of  THE Saviour

I still fear, what if I am badly hit
True, you just were not a fit

OK OK  answer me - Fear, how can I tame?
Remind yourself....if you cannot do a thing of your choice, can u live with shame?

Take Fear head on, its a must
And you w'll be happy to see, FEAR BITING THE DUST....

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