Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Guess the group, who fears a lot
No matter what, they stick to their bot

Fear to move or even to lean
Anxious, a simple walk might break their shin

Camouflaged, they put on a veil
The unkempt story, they prefer not to tell

Parasites, they need to cling
Apt in making the timely swings

Living in worlds that are two
In one they are the masters, in the other BOOOO

Their actions synonymous with a moral drain
Astute minds.... we just listened to our brain

Always eager to give feeds
Irony, a zero tab on their own deeds

They  dislike guys, who are laid back
A stretch by a cm, lazy bones  crumble like a pack

Engaged to the core....always in to brainstorm
Never peeps inside, but want to give others a form

With no coherent story, they only ramble
Know how to sail, so they never shamble

They get to the destination without knowing the path
Blessed they are....know how to tread the wrath

They laugh all day....but mourn at the dawn
When the mirrors laugh aloud " YOU ARE JUST A FAWN"

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