Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Confusion

If you do something of your choice, Its comfort zone
If you do something out of your choice, Slipshod is the tone

If you bow to all that you hear, No guts to raise the treble
If you don't to all that you hear, Spunk to be a rebel

If you speak, Busy with his conviction  the kingpin wants to steal
If you listen, Shaky is his confidence with poor mingling skills

If you plan, Too methodical cannot think on the feet
If you don't, Careless canon relying on gut wll surely fall over the pit

If you win, Cannot learn anything unless one fails
If you fail, Lacks the attitude to get hold of the sails

If you seek out, Too lazy to analyse always require someone to bail 
If you introspect, Too egoist to burrow than to come out of the shell

Stopppp !!!!!! Confused ???

Thus I pass on the baton to my heart, And w'll be all ears
Let's enjoy the journey of rise and fall, And not niggle over the shears