Tuesday, 11 November 2014


He goes to the mosque, but he is my friend
I wonder, can this be a worrying trend ?

The clamour on Diversity, Secularism, the winds of change
The thoughts, in reality, hover over a narrow range

The divide still exists, might be in a subtle way
Hope things w'll fade, albeit thin is the ray

I celebrate Puja, and he does EID
The trivial issues, shldn't we get rid

Pained , I laugh at the thoughts so hollow
I w'll go by my conviction, and won't swallow

The way we have blended surprises a lot
Now, can this open the pandoras pot?

But then why should I bicker, why should I care ?
He listens so patiently, whatever I share

Things got grim, and blazing was the sun
He stood by me, when there was none

Why do they bother, instigate, prod in the name of God ?
When the friends are in agreement, and there's a nod

We are friends, that's how we want to be known
The veil of religion, shouldn't that be blown

We care for our smiles, and not others scowl
Our friendship w'll reign - Period; A deaf ear to their howl.

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