Monday, 3 November 2014

The Wait

The final wait begins, hope things turn good
Hell of a sunset or a Blissful sunrise, now I stop to brood 

The journey was dreaded... my efforts, abilities - the only levers that I could trust
Hanged on, I kept coming at it, not allowing my dreams to gather rust

Never perceived the journey to be such times I wanted to flee
The big picture, those dazzling  lights....I forced my neurons to see    
The ups and downs, the cold and heat were enough to loosen the reel
The tempering process just hardened the grains, stronger got my zeal

The letter of invite moistened my eyes, drops trickling down on the sheet
Disoriented with joy, my heart leapt mellifluous was that beat

Now, I will have to get off, allowing lady luck to make the final bend
I did all within my ambit ........let Divinity shape the end

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