Friday, 21 November 2014

Toilet for BABLI

The emerging economy, the roars at the summit, we claim to be at the front
The nature's call, Women by the tracks, isn't those enough to haunt

We care for our women, their respect means a lot
Irony -  Women, Kids defecating in the open, we are indifferent to the thought

Our kids are blessed, they are safe, in the chilly winters, at the cosy comfort of our room
The poor souls battling the gushy'ld this discomfort be allowed to loom ?

The darkness spreads its wings,  Tensed - why aren't the women back ?
The unfortunate go out in the open, only to be crushed and then end up in a sac

The vultures are out in the dark, waiting to pounce
They are aware, but they are helpless and just cannot bounce

Pulling the window shut, Covering our face with the hankey, is this the way out ?
Can we not act cohesively, can we not shout ?

We shout, our heart fills with pain at the sight of an ailing cat
But, we are  incognizant of a sight so grave and fat

Malnutrition is less dangerous says a WHO's poll
Defecating in the open, if unchecked, will take a heavier toll

The poor sanitation practice will stunt the growth of our kids
The ugly weeds need to be pruned - that's the hours need.

The basic amenities of sanitation,  the need is too small
Just a pointed effort is required...let us roll the ball

Babli feels happy, the new angel will see the world in a healthy light
She sends her wishes, grateful to those for starting up the fight.

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