Sunday, 14 September 2014

Fast Food

Chips, pizza, fries, and burger
Thoughts about these that we harbour

A quickie breakfast to a working lunch
Not many on the platter to munch

In for a date, but low on money
Sushi, hot dogs....spoilt with choices to lure your honey

Hanging out with old pals, thumping to sing
A stare at those nuggets and onion rings

Working couples, always in a rush and hurry
A sweet respite, breaking the shackles of bread, rice, and curry

Are we forgetting the kids, fussy with their coooooos
The magic wand of fast food ropes them too

The aroma, the crisp, and the way they melt
Can I stop without taking a stab, let me loosen my belt

The lip-smackering, the mouth watering dishes on the roll
The calorie meter ticks, But I'll go with my soul

Just chill, and do what ur taste buds say
The resolute thoughts of obesity...cover those with hay

Overdependence is not good, so just keep a tab
Easy peasy.....a bit of work out everyday, and rest will be fab...

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