Thursday, 25 September 2014

"I Hunt Killers", by Barry review

One of the first book that I read of Barry Lyga...though I'm a great fan of the hannibal series, I must say Billy Dent is no less menacing and frightful.

Billy, the father, is a sociopath, the most dreaded serial killer with 123 victims on his list, and has been behind the bars since last 4 years. Jazz is his son, who has been brought up by Billy in a sinister, yet loving way. Billy has taught his son every trick on the book with utmost care - how to use tools, how to distinguish bxn stabbing and slashing, the anatomy, the weak points, the disposal of corpses, and most importantly, how to read minds. Billy has high regards for his son, and has brainwashed Jazz to the point, where Jazz confronts with himself, he knows he has all that it needs to be a potent serial killer, but will not allow that killer self to emerge. Now, there is a killing, and then another.....Jazz could sense there is some linkage to the crimes, which the local cops are overlooking. after his failed attempt to convince the cops, he sets out on his own with his friend howie and connie to jab this an attempt to prove to the world that he is not evil as his father - an effort to free himself from the shackles Billy Dent's evil legacy. The sheriff Williams finally gives an ear to Jazz, who surprises him with the revelation of patterns involved in the previous killings...convinced, a serial killer is out there in the, like a pitcher plant, luring its prey, only to devour...

Barry wonderfully crafts the relationship between a father and son....Jazz, the son's mental turmoils, the mix of emotions encountered of being the son of the most haunted man. in every work that jazz does, how his father creeps in his mind and speaks to him....the mind game is so aptly illustrated, enabling readers to make the lateral connect, everytime and keeping them glued till the last blot of ink.

Jazz knows that his dad is the best in business, he knows how unconsciously the lessons of his dad has crawled under his skin and definitely, at times, to his advantage..yet he hates  these so much, his upbringing; as he rightly says, its the devil inside that I have to wrestle with and no one else could help. He is drained, looking for an answer to his dream , knife, knife under the sink, cut it like chicken, what happened to mommy, where did she suddenly disappear? Barry keeps the pacing neat, and with few characters jasper, connie, howie, and williams, the story just engulfs you.

When howie is bleeding and the paramedic team refuses Jazz pleading to give him his regular med dose, asking Jazz who did he think he was to instruct the paramedics and what was he doing at the crime scene...JAZZ snaps...this was one of my fav scenes....the excerpt
There's a conversation bxn Billy n Jazz when Billy tries to prove that Crying doesn't yield anything. Barry gives his masterstroke with an example so deep, penetrative, and captivating in true sense....the excerpt
The meeting bxn Billy n Jazz at the prison... the meeting ends, jazz is on his way towards the door..suddenly his dad calls out and says Jazz is the best....the excerpt
And, The finishing lines are bound to make you crave for more.....the excerpt
I really loved the book, the narrative, no flowerly overtone just pure story telling, aptly making the hair on your neck rise to the hilt.....A clear 4.5 from my side.

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