Saturday, 20 September 2014

The BOND....

You may forget your stream, what you're good at amidst the daily grind
They don't touchy, Even these rings on this paper bag never escape their mind

There are few, who will keep glued and root till the end
They are happy the way you are,  little bothered to mend

They may curse you for your deeds, but w'll never desert the ship
They will happily come forward to face the saturn's whip

The fat is on the fire, and along they w'll melt
The sweet assurance never misses their lips...."all w'll be dealt"

You cannot exert, start doubting your that all crapshoot?
Their constant cheer gives your dwindling confidence a healthy reboot

You fail miserably, so many hopes pinned just wanna flee
Their soothing words...."we love you for what you are and not what you w'll be"

You confide, you weep, looking to clutch
And, they w'll never disappoint with their loving touch

They forget to wish and attend on the moments that are good
But, w'll never miss to raise you from the slumber of grief and up your mood

In opulence they might disappear, but never in hardship
That's the reason we cherish so much this very bond of FRIENDSHIP.....

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