Thursday, 11 September 2014


I don't know, I m good or bad....
But, I know for sure, I 'm sad

Why should I pretend, why should I lie 
Doing those, my problems won't fly

Life is taking turns, leaving sharp burns
Prospects are dry, but still I won't cry

Life is shrinking
So now I'm thinking

The poisoned cup of I gulp
Or, rise from lamb to lion, smashing everything to pulp

I'll rivet my thoughts towards an engaging session
But, the treasure hunt is within...that's the lesson

The devils are there, I can hear the roars
I'll dig up...what I am good at that w'll take me ashore

I won't let these choppy moments put a dent
Not a vestige of doubt, I w'll rebuild my tent

I'll settle for nothing less, no harm in more
The faint light from tower-houses.???.......VOILA!!!!...I'm nearing the shore.

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